what to expect and what you can't expect

When we post giveaways with international celebrities, you will receive followers from everywhere, everyone who sees the promo will have access to participate.

This includes:
* Women/Men,
* Youngsters and adults,
* People with many photos,
* People with zero photos,

* American people, Latinos, Europeans, Russians,  Norwegian, Asian (anywhere in the world),
*Religious / non-religious,

* People with a nice feed,
* People with an ugly feed,

People with different interests and with different ways of using their networks, there are content creators and there are people who consume that content, profiles do not have to be viewed in a predetermined way to be “real”.

Anyone who has INSTA and wants to enter, will participate

#1 Because it’s an international giveaway and that’s what it’s about.

#2 Because we cannot control this, everyone who wishes to enter, will join.

#3 Since generally the growth of international giveaways is above 5k, it is completely necessary to keep the giveaway OPEN in order to fulfill the promised growth.

Remember, people use Insta in different way

Some people post multiple times each day, some post once in a while, and others do not post at all. Some are here only to consume the content.

Some people want high following to followers ratio. Others don’t care about it, so they follow far more profiles than their following count.

And that’s perfectly fine. 

Do not mistake the “content consumers” for fake accounts.

Bottom line, you are buying followers - real people

And people are unpredictable. Let’s be honest, the people who will start following you are doing that in hopes of receiving the prize of the sweepstakes. Some of them will engage with your content, and some will unfollow you soon.

Also, some people have multiple accounts they are using to follow all kinds of sweepstakes (including ours) so they can boost their chances of winning. But again, those are not bots – just people trying to win a prize.


if you have a problem with your campaign

If you were not added to the campaign you purchased, you were added to the wrong campaign, or you have doubts regarding the giveawaydo not panic.
We have multiple channels of contact, write us with your Instagram username and we will clarify your doubts, offer the information you need or solve everything for you as soon as possible.

We are a small team, we have more clients than assistants, but we will be here to help you resolve any situation.


(response time 1-8 hours)

During weekends and holidays we might be unavailable.


watch this video to learn how we obtain followers for you